Johnson Suggests Biden Isn’t Allowed to Take Border Action

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., on Thursday suggested that President Joe Biden isn’t allowed to take actions on the border crisis.

“He knows that he has the authority. We’ve documented it for him,” Johnson said on Fox Business. “I’ve read to him the law myself — to the president. Read him the provisions of the law and said, ‘Mr. President, please take action.’ I don’t think he’s allowed to do it.

“I think it’s staff around him and they’re pushing him to hold — or to keep the border open. I’m not sure Joe Biden is actually making these decisions. I think it’s staff around him, and they’re pushing him to hold the — or to keep the border open,” he added.

A group of 64 House Republicans on Friday in a letter to Biden wrote that his administration has “intentionally and systematically undermined” border security laws by refusing to enforce them.

“Speaker Mike Johnson wrote to you in December of 2023, urging you to take executive action to secure the Southern Border. House Republicans have passed H.R.2, legislation that would help stop the flow of illegal immigration and protect our communities,” the letter, led by Rep. Ashley Hinson, R-Iowa, said.

“Your actions alone created this catastrophe, and you have the power to fix it. You can choose to direct your administration to vigorously enforce the laws on the books today, thereby stemming the tide of illegal immigration and protecting our communities.”

The White House in a statement earlier this week said Johnson “claimed he believes action should be taken to secure the border. Yet it is House Republicans who are saying they will block an historic bipartisan border security deal supported by President Biden that will deliver much-needed law enforcement hiring and investments in cutting-edge technology to stop fentanyl trafficking.”

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