Jeff Van Drew to Newsmax: Republicans Will Find Speaker

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J., told Newsmax on Monday that Republicans “will find a speaker” this week after multiple rounds of votes failed to secure a replacement for ex-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who was ousted earlier this month.

When asked what Republicans plan to discuss during their next closed-door meeting on Monday, Van Drew said: “We need to have a speaker, and what’ll happen tonight is we’re going to hear from all the candidates, they’re going to … make their claim, they’re going to state their position, and then we’re going to move on.”

He added: “Tomorrow we will vote, and we will go and we will find a speaker, and what’s so incumbent upon the majority now, remember 90% of the Republican caucus, sometimes 95%, have all been on the same page. Tomorrow we need to have 100% or darn close to it, 99%.”

Van Drew went on to call for House Republicans to come together and find a consensus, noting that they “have a very thin margin, a very thin majority, so it is incumbent upon us to all get together and get this done.”

“Why? Because Republicans have the answers … [on] the border issue, the foreign policy issue, and economic issues.”

Van Drew said that “the country cannot be as strong as we should be when we don’t have a speaker, so we need to have a speaker and we need to move forward.”

The New Jersey Republican then went on to criticize the amount of aid spent on Ukraine as “unbelievable.” He said: “This year, we will have given Ukraine as much money as we have given Israel since its founding 80 years ago.”


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