ISIS To Terrorize New Targets in USA

ISIS To Terrorize New Targets in USA

ISIS to Attack US Churches

ISIS has issued a fatwa against US Churches. Using an encrypted app called Telegram and social media groups dedicated to ISIS, the group urged lone wolves across the US to attack Christian churches and create chaos throughout America.   The list supposedly included names and addresses of churches through all 50 states.   While there has been no uncovering of the list of churches, it’s not a threat that should be taken lightly, especially after the attacks that have cropped up through Europe in the past year.

As Total Patriot reported, there was recently an attack in Berlin, Germany where a 24-year old man killed a mack truck driver, hijacked the vehicle, and then drove it into a crowded market, killing nine and injuring dozens more. This attack had similar markings to a terror attack orchestrated by a Pakistani refugee at the Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio. Another attack happened in Nice, France in July, with similar markings.

ISIS claimed the Berlin attack as their doing, and the target of that attack was a Christian market. ISIS and other radical Muslim groups have been attacking Christians for 20 years or more. In countries where they have a stronger presence, they have burned churches to the ground and executed congregants. In 2014, the leader of ISIS declared war against the United States, saying they would bring the war to our shores. And before ISIS was a threat, America has been at war against “terror”, an expression George W. Bush coined after 2001’s terror attacks in New York City. The interesting part of that is the decision to go to war against terror, which is a tactic, but then invading Iraq and Afghanistan- nation-states that were harboring said terrorists. At the root of terrorist agenda that has waged war against the US is the same fanatical religion- Islam.

Total Patriot reported earlier this year about Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind behind 9/11 on how he saw this playing out, saying he knew terror attacks would not bring the US to its knees because it was too big. He said the infiltration of America by jihadis from within would be the only thing that would allow Sharia to be imposed.

How to Prevent ISIS From Attacking Places of Worship

Knowing the enemy will be using terror as a tactic is just as important as knowing the enemy’s goal of imposing Sharia Law.

Charles Gallup, pastor and former lawman tells how churches can protect themselves.

“There are plenty of things that any church, large or small, can do quickly, inexpensively and without a lot of fanfare,” he explained. “Security teams (the more eyes and ears the better) can be assembled, with specifically assigned areas of patrol. Basic communication procedures, evacuation plans, and vulnerable area protocol (children’s areas, etc.) can be established.

“For those churches with adequate financial resources, even more detailed measures can be employed. Churches should consider video surveillance, burglar alarm systems, panic alarms and strobe warning lights, and motorized security patrols of the perimeter and property. Also, most sheriff’s offices and police departments allow for the securing of their officers (usually for a reasonable charge) for security presence, or specific patrol during designated hours. And there are many more things that can be done, depending upon each church’s location, risk assessments, and specific needs. Again, my book outlines all this in great detail.”

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