ILA | Wisconsin: Range Protection Bill Goes to Governor

ILA | Wisconsin: Range Protection Bill Goes to Governor

On February 21st, the Wisconsin state Senate passed Assembly Bill 820 by a 21-11 vote.  AB 820 is an important piece of legislation to ensure that shooting ranges receive due process if being closed for unsafe conditions and are given a chance to remedy the issues.  Having previously passed the state Assembly by a voice vote on February 15th, AB 820 will now head to Governor Scott Walker’s desk for his approval.  Please contact Gov. Walker and urge him to sign AB 820.  Click the “Take Action” button below to contact Gov. Walker.

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Introduced by Representative Rob Stafsholt (R-29) and cosponsored by Senator Thomas Tiffany (R-12), AB 820 will establish set procedures for portions of shooting ranges to be closed for unsafe conditions and would give the affected range the opportunity to remedy the issue in order to reopen.  This will prevent bureaucrats from shutting down entire shooting facilities for safety issues in a single area or arbitrarily preventing them from reopening when they are in full compliance of the law.

Shooting ranges are an important part of the sporting heritage and Second Amendment rights of Wisconsinites.  Countless law-abiding citizens utilize shooting ranges to practice marksmanship skills, to ensure that their self-defense and sporting arms are in order, for recreation, and to teach the responsible use of and respect for firearms to others.  This legislation helps to ensure that safe shooting ranges remain available for the pursuit of these goals.

Your NRA would like to thank all the legislators who worked hard to pass this piece of important legislation.  Again, please click the “Take Action” button above to contact Gov. Walker and urge him to sign AB 820 into law.

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