ILA | West Virginia: Campus Carry Moves to House Floor

ILA | West Virginia: Campus Carry Moves to House Floor


On February 21st, the West Virginia state House Finance Committee voted to pass House Bill 2519, the Campus Self-Defense Act.  HB 2519 would ensure that law-abiding adults are not stripped of their right to self-defense when they cross an arbitrary boundary onto a college campus.  HB 2519 will now move to the House floor.  Please urge your state Delegate to SUPPORT HB 2519 without amendment.  Click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state Delegate.

House Bill 2519, sponsored by Delegate Jim Butler (R-14), would allow law-abiding CHL holders to carry on the campus of a state institution of higher education.  Current state law does not prohibit carrying of a defensive firearm on campus, but institution policy could lead to expulsion or termination of employment.  Adults who are officially licensed to carry a firearm for self-defense off-campus should not be prevented from doing so just because they seek higher education.

Again, please use the “Take Action” button above to contact your state Delegate and urge them to SUPPORT HB 2519 without amendment.

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