ILA | Washington: Legislature Adjourns Sine Die, Gun Owner Privacy Protected

ILA | Washington: Legislature Adjourns Sine Die, Gun Owner Privacy Protected


On April 28th, the Washington Legislature adjourned sine die from the 2019 Legislative Session.  During this session, several egregious pieces of anti-gun legislation were defeated, such as Senate Bill 5062 and House Bill 1068 to ban many standard capacity magazines, Senate Bill 5174 to impose government mandated training requirements for Concealed Pistol Licenses, and Senate Bill 5434 to expand arbitrary boundaries where law-abiding citizens would be left defenseless.  Unfortunately, a number of anti-gun bills were passed.  Your NRA will provide updates as they are signed into law.

In addition, the legislature passed and Governor Jay Inslee signed Senate Bill 6025 to ensure that personal information from those who surrendered bump-fire stocks cannot be released to the public.  Recently, an anti-gun activist filed a public records request in order to build a searchable database of those who previously owned these firearm accessories and surrendered them in good faith under a program administered by the Washington State Patrol.  NRA backed the filing of a lawsuit to prevent this public disclosure.  This lawsuit helped gain attention to the need to protect this information and the legislature took action.  Public disclosure and the creation of a searchable database of these records serve no purpose other than opening up gun owners for harassment or burglary.  Your NRA would like to thank the legislature for their quick action to address this issue.

Your NRA-ILA will be back at the Capitol for the 2020 session, and in the meantime, please stay tuned to your email inbox and for further updates on Second Amendment issues in the Evergreen State.

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