Hillary is going to jail!

Hillary is going to jail!

It’s no secret Hillary and Bill Clinton are some of the most ruthless and conniving criminahillary-shrug_0ls in the country right now.

This was something Donald Trump hammered home, week after week in the election cycle.  He called her Crooked Hillary.  America watched it unfold as she hid her private server from the public, deleted emails, and lied to the FBI.

Not to mention Loretta Lynch, an Obama cronie to the core…

She was appointed to the top position of  the DOJ by Obama.  Days before Hillary was to be strung up by the FBI, Bill meets Loretta on a private jet for an hour.

Next thing we know, Hillary is walking scott-free!  

None of this even includes or her foundation illegally funneling millions…or   or the hoarde of dead bodies left in the Clinton’s path…

So when Donald Trump said he wasn’t really concerned with prosecuting Hillary, it rubbed some people the wrong way.   The fact is he said he would appoint a special prosecutor to take her down, and now he’s  more flippant about it….

Well, there’s some good news in spite of all that.  And it comes in the form of House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz.  

Congressman Chaffetz is not ready to let go. Via The Hill

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) says Hillary Clinton’s actions as secretary of State have raised too many red flags for Congress to stop investigating her just because she lost the presidential election.

“We can’t just simply let this go,” Chaffetz told host Martha MacCallum on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom” Wednesday.

“If the president or president-elect wants to pardon Secretary Hillary Clinton for the good of the nation, that is their option,” Chaffetz added. “But I have a duty and an obligation to actually fix the problems that were made with Hillary Clinton.”

This is great news. It means the swamp is on its way to being drained.  The corruption that the Clintons have exhibited through the past 8 months, not including the last 30 years mean they are guilty as sin.

Chaffetz knows this.  If he lets  this go right now, people will view it as political favoritism. Maybe Trump was speaking in jest because he was on live TV when he said he would appoint that special prosecutor.

That doesn’t change that she’s done bad deeds, horrible vile things, and she should not be above the law because her last name is Clinton.

There is actual evidence of wrongdoing in many of these cases.  It can’t be ignored.  If Hillary’s crimes are ignored, it will set a precedent within the government that national security documents aren’t that big of an issue.  

If Hillary’s crimes are ignored, it will set a precedent that there is a normal class and an elite class-Donald Trump was already an elite, as a billionaire, but he ran as a businessman and not a politician.  This will scar his presidency from day one  if she is tried and found guilty and he pardons her.

Whether that’s Congress or the FBI, or Trump, someone has to hold her accountable.  

What do you think of Chaffetz’s insistence on investigating after she lost?  Let us know in the comments below.

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