Harry Reid: ‘All Caucuses Should Be a Thing of the Past’

Harry Reid: ‘All Caucuses Should Be a Thing of the Past’


Former Nevada Sen. Harry Reid says all caucuses should be a thing of the past.

“Our Democratic Party did a good job,” the former Senate majority leader said in an email to The New York Times. “All caucuses should be a thing of the past. They don’t work for a multitude of reasons.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders was the winner of Saturday’s Nevada caucuses by what appears to be a considerable margin, though former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign questioned the results, alleging anomalies in data and errors in reporting.

Reid said the Democratic Party should make selecting a nominee more accessible.

“I am so proud of the Nevada Democratic Party, its talented staff, and the thousands of grassroots volunteers who have done so much hard work over the years to build this operation. We have the best state party in the country, and that was shown again this past week after another successful caucus that featured a historic four days of early voting with more than 10,000 new voter registrations,” Reid said of the Nevada Democratic Party.

“With so much Democratic enthusiasm in Nevada, demonstrated again by the tremendous caucus turnout this year, I believe we should make the process of selecting our nominee even more accessible,” Reid continued, adding: “That’s why I believe it’s time for the Democratic Party to move to primaries everywhere.”

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