US Workers Explode Over H-1B Program

US Workers Explode Over H-1B Program


Theme Park Workers Resent Obama’s Immigration Policy

Tradition says President Obama should be acted as a lame duck President, but he’s doing the exact opposite, signing bills and putting programs in place that are harmful to the American public. One such example is the expansion of the H-1B program which gives immigrants the ability to work at high-skilled jobs while petitioning for US Citizenship.

Total Patriot reported on this expansion in early December, noting not only that high-skilled workers have been coming in under the Obama administration, but hundreds of thousands of low-skill, low-wage workers have been crossing the border and getting on to the welfare drip.

This legal immigration problem is causing a large problem with driving wages lower and keeping Americans from getting competitive jobs.

Recently, 30 ex-Disney IT employees sued Disney for discrimination based on  H-1B.

After Disney IT workers were told in October 2014 of the plan to use offshore outsourcing firms, employees said the workplace changed. The number of South Asian workers in Disney technology buildings increased, and some workers had to train H-1B-visa-holding replacements. Approximately 250 IT workers were laid off in January 2015.
Something [former Disney IT employee Leo ]Perrero said he noticed soon after Disney announced the outsourcing plan was “the demographic started changing so quickly.” The technology buildings across the Disney campus “just all of a sudden had these South Asian foreign workers.”
“It was unfathomable for me to think that this would happen — that people would be physically replaced by workers who just came in from offshore and were now here in person to replace us. It was completely shocking,” said Perrero.

Disney’s handling of the situation also infuriated the employees who were later replaced by the immigrant replacements. Disney employees had to train their own replacements! Even the CEO acknowledged this was a low blow. CEO Bob Iger said “There’s something insulting about that”.

Iger made a public apology for the way he handled the replacements, but did not back down from the outsourcing itself. This is worrisome because Iger has recently been named to Donald Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum, a group of America’s top CEO’s and other business leaders whom Trump will consult with from time to time to prime America for business.

Will Americans Have to Lose Jobs for America To Be Great Again?

Outsourcing has had a major impact on Americans losing jobs as immigrants have shown a willingness to do the same job at a cheaper price. An exercise like Iger’s, along with Obama’s recent expansion of the H-1B program has implications that while Donald Trump campaigned on making America great again, is he going to use cheap labor to do it?

Many in Silicon Valley (a large benefactor of the H-1B program) defend the visa program because they see their eventual market share deteriorating without high-skilled foreign workers. Lobby groups, backed by the likes of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, advocate for a guest-worker program with a path to citizenship as a guarantee of staying competitive in the tech industry. Nick Statt of The Verge, a digital multimedia convergence site said this about Donald Trump’s approach to H-1B.

In a very material way, [Donald Trump’s immigration policies] also threaten the workforces of both the juggernauts and startups of the tech industry that use the H-1B and other visa programs to expand talent searches around the globe.

Because Obama authorized the H-1B program days before he left, it will take Donald Trump many more man hours to extract the US from the agreement than if Obama had let it expire. This seems like a typical Obama move to snub the incoming President.

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