Guns with Flags

Guns with Flags

Guns with Flags.

Have you ever considered a Flag on a gun? I don’t mean the toy kind that a flag pops out the end that says BANG.  No, I mean the Stars and Stripes on the barrel. A Betsy Ross flag on the grip. Old Glory all over the gun no matter if it is a little pistol or a deer rifle. To me, both flags and guns symbolize the rights of all citizens. The right to defend ourselves and the right to defend out country. But combine them with a flag on a gun and it is the symbol of a true American Patriot.

Symbolism of Old Glory
Our flag is full of meanings in its colors, its number of stars and stripes. There is also a meaning to how it is raised, how it is taken down. How it is disposed of as well as how it is flown. There are 3 colors, 13 stripes, 50 stars and more significance for the patriots that honor her than there are stars in the night sky.
So first, lets break down its colors and parts. The color Red signifies Hardiness and Valor. White is for purety and innocence. Blue is for Vigilance, Perserverance and Justice. There are 13 stripes, 7 red and 6 white. That is a stripe for each of the original 13 colonies that started our democracy. There are 50 stars, one for each of the states of this Union. And there is one field of blue that holds those white stars.
Red- Hardiness and Valor. For a patriot, Hardiness and Valor are a given. No matter the difficulties presented to us we have been hardy enough to stand against them. We have all shown Valor and bravery in the face of our enemies even though some of them are as much a citizen as we our ourselves.
White- Purity and Innocence: While we have lost a good bit of our purity and innocence with some of the leaders of this country, we still retain it in believeing that we can make our country safe, whole and American again. Webelieve in the puriety of a democratic contry, run by leaders that work for the people who elected them.
Blue-Vigilance, Perserverance and Justice. Some of this we have in abundance Vigilance and Perserverance. However we are lacking in Justice. But this is also where the White comes in. We may not be able to see it right now but we still have the belief that we can still attain Justice for all and not just for the few. If all men/women are created equal, then all should be held to the same standard of justice.

Our Red, White and Blue has flown over battle fields, draped the caskets of the fallen. It has flown over ball fields and court rooms. It flies over every single post office in this country. It has been desicated and torn, stomped on and burned by the people she protects, but no matter what has been done to her, she still instills pride and patriotism in the hearts of all true Americeans. It also flies very proudly over my home and on the sleeves of the uniforms of my children serving in the armed forces.
True patriots are as proud of the flag as they are of their 2nd Admendment right to bear arms. We have and will continue to defend both with Hardiness, Valor, Perserverance, Vigilance and a sense of Justice. What better way to do so than to have the flag on your firearm?

There are many different ways to have the flag on your firearm. These are my top 3.

1) Firearm Wraps. Just like with anything we currently wrap today, campers, trucks, cars, even our thermal insulated cups, you can also get a wrap for your firearm. They are made to fit most handguns as well as AR15’s and can be purchased from many places on the web. These not only show your Patriot status but also in many ways protect the firearm. Since they may add a bit of width to your firearm, you may have to loosen your holster a bit. The cost range for pistol wraps runs anywhere from $15 to $50. Look for these on your favorite Prepper Sites.

2) Custom Airbrush or Texturing. Do you want something other than the wrap anyone can get so that your gun is more uniquely yours? Kind of like a tattoo? How about having the Stars and Stripes textured into the slide? Or even on the >>>>>> cover of your AR 15? If you have a trusted gunsmith with an artistic flair, that would be a good way to start. Using the same paint as, say, an air brushed tshirt from the mall is not a good idea as the paint is not durable with the chemicals needed to clean your firearm.

3) Purchase a firearm with the flag already on it. There are lots of different web based facilities that sell firearms with not only flags but anything from cartoon characters to pink camo to lime green. I actually saw a solid purple one with a cancer ribbon on it just the other day in a big outdoor/farm supply store.

There are unlimited ways to get The Flag, Old Glory, The Stars and Stripes, The Red White and Blue, the symbol of our nation and our pride in her on your firearm. They can be a mass produced wrap or custom wrought so that it is the ultimate personalization just for your sense of patriotism. The cost can be from just a little to a good bit. But there is no price you can put on the pride of a Patriot with 2 of the most important symbols in their hand. The Flag and their Gun.

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