Grenell to Newsmax: Pro-Palestinian Rally in NYC a ‘Scary Moment’

Ric Grenell, the former U.S. ambassador to Germany, told Newsmax that a massive pro-Palestinian rally in the streets of New York City Sunday is a “scary moment” for the United States. 

“There are individuals with signs that say ‘from the river to the sea,’ and you know what that means,” Grenell, who served under former President Donald Trump, told Newsmax’s “Sunday Agenda.” “That means wipe Israel off the map. That is code word for ‘Israel should not exist,’ that we get the land from the river to the sea.

“This is a scary moment, New York City having these individuals who are proudly out on the streets calling for the death and destruction of Israel,” said Grenell. “This is coming to America.”

Thousands of people poured into Times Square Sunday after the New York City chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America called for a pro-Palestinian rally in Times Square in the wake of the attack on Israel by radical Hamas militants that left hundreds dead, thousands wounded, and dozens taken hostage, reports The New York Post.

“We don’t know who’s coming across the border right now,” Grenell said. “The Biden administration is trying to tell Americans that the border is closed. They’re trying to tell Americans that the economy is fine and that gas prices are not too high. They’re trying to tell Americans that what happened in Afghanistan is totally fine … We have a media in Washington, D.C., that is swallowing [this] hook, line, and sinker from the left.”

But the American people aren’t swallowing it, and even people who did not vote for Trump are saying the country needs him back, Grenell said.

“There is no question that the world was much safer under Donald Trump,” said Grenell, noting that the former president does believe in using the military to de-escalate conflicts. 

“We have an administration right now that only thinks of war in terms of Ukraine,” he said. “There’s no peace agreement. There’s no talking to people. [President Joe] Biden can’t talk to U.S. senators, let alone hostile actors,” Grenell added. 

He said he is concerned that next, “a whole bunch of these left-wingers” will be “calling for us to take Palestinian refugees into America — Palestinian refugees who didn’t speak up when their government was Hamas, a terrorist organization. Now they are going to be calling for refugee status in the United States, mark my words.”

Grenell said he spoke with Trump earlier Sunday, and he’s concerned about getting to the bottom of the failure of intelligence that allowed the Hamas attack to happen. 

“Second of all, we’ve got an open border,” said Grenell. “The Biden administration knows darn well terrorists from the terrorist watch list have come across our open border. It is not dramatic to say there are sleeper cells in the United States … President Trump is very concerned about this issue, and I think that the FBI needs to lay off parents at school board meetings.”


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