Greatest Conservative Sports Stars

Greatest Conservative Sports Stars

This list of the greatest conservative sports stars the world has ever seen will undoubtedly increase your firepower if you’re ever caught in the conservatism VS liberalism cross-fire—again. I say again because it is my guess you’ve got into one or two debates with a liberal who gloats everywhere he goes. Has it ever been about sports? My guess is yes again. But if it has never been, well, this will prepare you adequately. 

Conservatism boasts the greatest and most popular sportsmen to have graced this planet. In fact, at the end of this blog, you’d be wishing only fellow conservatives had the privilege of watching these unmatched stars play.


Who Are The Greatest Conservative Sports Stars?

Tyson Fury—Boxing

Who hasn’t heard of Mike Tyson and his famous hook? Definitely not me or you. I suspect it’d be the next liberal to read this and find out his allegiance. Fury has won every major honor in boxing. He also remains an undefeated heavyweight boxing champion. 

This superman is very proud of his conservative support. He speaks outspokenly against privileges for immigrants and owns several charity organizations that pursue better living conditions for citizens of the United Kingdom.


Novak Djokovic—Tennis

Go with Wikipedia to this battlefield; liberals are in strong denial of this. Novak occupied the top spot for much of the past decade. As it stands, he is a strong contender to break Roger Federer’s record of spending 310 weeks as #1. 

Novak is keen on the Church and is never shy of showing it after significant wins. In 2012, during the Australian Open finale, he made the sign of the cross and even kissed a wooden cross as he played to win. The liberals, however, narrate that “he kissed his necklace.” Novak publicly opposes compulsory vaccination. 


Herschel Walker—American Football

Many consider Walker the greatest player of football in the past 50 years. Yet, it may shock you that the NFL excluded him from the NFL Hall of Fame due to his conservative ideology. 

Herschel was a beast, a once-in-a-blue-moon creature of nature. The man had immunity to tiredness or injuries, was built like a lineman, and still sprinted across the field for almost 30 years. His career was extraordinary. He won nearly every title and honor with UFSL and currently ranks 12th on the list of all-purpose yardage. 


Margaret Thomas—Tennis

Would anyone claim not knowing the unbelievable feats of this Sportster? Margaret is the highest winner of titles and Grand Slams. She also has the highest winning percentage in the history of tennis. The liberal media, however, chooses to ignore Margaret’s heroics due to her right-hand views. She is strictly against a large government; asks for lesser taxes, and helps the needy.


Bubba Watson—Golf

Bubba has won 9 PGA titles, including two at the Masters. That alone shows his greatness in golf. He proudly displays his conservative lifestyle and gives his opinions on a host of social issues. On many occasions, Bubba has criticized same-sex marriage, citing that straight marriages represent the fundamental building block of the society. He even joked about running for President to make sure the society remains unchanged.

Bubba supports the annual Tim Tebow golf event; he is a father to an adopted child and is married to a former basketball player.


Lance Berkman—Baseball 

An excellent switch-hitting slugger, Lance maintained a .293 batting average and swatted 366 homers throughout his career. For baseball enthusiasts, these are incredible figures to reach. It is nearly impossible to argue his superiority.

As a show of conservatism, Lance advertised several times against the bathroom bill supporting the homosexual agenda that was proposed in 2015. It may awe you that 61% of voters agreed with him. 


Jim Jordan—Wrestling

Jim won the NCAA Division One wrestling championship twice. They were no easy victories, I tell you. He had to defeat a four-time state champion and a future Olympic gold winner. He later went into politics, and with that came a louder voice. In the 112th Congress, he presided over the Republican Study Committee. Just two years ago, he ran for Speaker of the House. He currently chairs the House Freedom Caucus.

Conservatism runs in Jim’s blood.

Matt Birk—Football

Many regard Matt to be one of the five most intelligent athletes in history. As such, hundreds of millions of youngsters consider him an inspiration. He is a frequent selection for the Pro Bowl. In 2013, he played as the starting center for Baltimore Ravens, the Super Bowl Champions. 

Matt is widely known for his pro-life ideology. He is also outspoken in his criticism of same-sex marriage. In 2016, he was the keynote speaker at the Annual Rose Dinner organized by a significant pro-life group, March For Life. 


Tim Thomas—Hockey

Tim displayed loyalty to conservatism when he turned down an invitation from ex-President Barack Obama after he led his team to the Stanley Cup. 

Sport-wise, Tim showed his conservative allegiance. He appeared four times in the NHS All-star selections as a goalie—a position everyone believes is for conservatives.


Curt Schilling—Football

Curt was an undisputable world-class champion. He captained the black horse team, Boston Red Sox, to the 2004 World Series Championship. This feat was more remarkable because his team first conquered the American League Championship Series by thrashing the liberal New York Yankees. 

In another impressive upset, Curt helped Scott Brown to mastermind a stunning political victory over Kennedy. He wore the MVP tag in the 2001 World Series by toppling the so-called unplayable Yankees with the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

These heroics cost Curt an entry in the NFL Hall of Fame, thanks to you-know-what. 

We could keep talking about the greatest conservative sports stars for days without exhausting the list. 

In addition to the brilliant minds mentioned above, other exceptional conservatives have graced the world with their unparalleled sporting flair and talents. Notable examples are George Allen (football coach), Jim Bunning (baseball), Phillip Rivers (football), Ted Williams (Baseball), and Lewis Hamilton (auto racing). The list never ends. 


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