Glenn Beck: US Polarized, Much Like Germany in 1920s

Glenn Beck: US Polarized, Much Like Germany in 1920s

Delivering a strikingly ominous message, The Blaze founder Glenn Beck, compared the U.S. political landscape of today to the polarized 1920s media in Germany.

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“I’m a student of history, and you can look to the 1960s for answers and you can look to the 1920s and 30s for the problems – and we are currently deeply, probably 1926, 1928 Weimar Republic,” Beck told CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

The Weimar Republic is the unofficial name of German state after World War I and the rise of Nazi Germany before World War II.

“At that time, the two newspapers in Germany, one was pointing, one was saying, the national socialists point, the other was saying the communist point,” Beck continued. “And could you look at the papers on the same day for the same event and you’d get two different radically different views to where it didn’t even look like it was the same event.

“And no one who read this one read that one. And so you were either right or wrong. That’s a real problem. Because that’s where we are.”

Beck lamented the polarization as a result of intense political competition.

“Winners creates losers, and with everybody trying to just win and be right, we stopped listening to each other,” Beck told host Brian Stelter. “And we’ve come to this place where we think ‘the other side doesn’t have anything to teach me, so I’m not even going to listen to them.'”

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