Giuliani to Newsmax: Attack on Israel Appears Worse Than 9/11

It’s hard to compare the 9/11 attacks to the Hamas terrorist assault on Israel this weekend, but “this would appear to me to be worse,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who earned the nickname “America’s Mayor” in the wake of the devastating strike in 2001 on his city, told Newsmax Sunday.

“That was certainly the worst attack we ever had, but this would appear to me to be worse,” Giuliani told Newsmax’s “Sunday Agenda.” “You should remember that within two months of Sept. 11, I, Gov. [George] Pataki, and Michael Bloomberg went to Isreal to express solidarity with them for an attack by these Palestinians.”

Giuliani said he’s also offended by comments that Israel’s war is against Hamas, not the Palestinian Authority.

“The Palestinian Authority wants to become a state; however, its real militant arm is Hamas,” said Giuliani. “This is like saying it’s a war against the United States military, not the United States.”

He added that the Palestinians “teach their young people from the ages of 4 and 5 to kill Jews.”

“They hate America,” said Giuliani. “Maybe this is a long, long mistake we’ve made, starting with Jim Baker and Bill Clinton, thinking we can make them into a state when they are a group of unbelievable, barbarian terrorists. It’s the onus on them to prove that they are human.”

Further, the acts being perpetrated by the Hamas intruders are “as bad or worse” than what Russian President Vladimir Putin has brought to Ukraine, but the world is not reacting in the same way because the “communist influences created such propaganda,” said Giuliani.

“They switched reality between the good guys and the bad guy, but what you’re watching is no different, maybe worse than what happened in Ukraine,” he added. “Where’s the reaction to it?” 

The attacks, he added, are more of the “tragedies and disasters” that have been brought by President Joe Biden and his “warped and evil philosophy.”

“The reality is the $5.6 billion that he gave to Iran,” said Giuliani. “It made it clear that he is no friend of Israel … you don’t give enormous amounts of money [to] a country whose primary purpose is to eradicate the state of Israel. You can say all the words you want. Money talks louder than words. That was a hell of a signal that he sent. He basically rolled out the red carpet [to] do what you will.”

He contended that the war in Israel wouldn’t have happened if former President Donald Trump had been reelected. 

“Do you realize the unbelievable, monumental mistake we made electing this man?” Giuliani said. “People are dying all over the world because of him.”


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