Fred Fleitz to Newsmax TV: Trump’s Moves on Iran Purely Defensive

Fred Fleitz to Newsmax TV: Trump’s Moves on Iran Purely Defensive

President Donald Trump has directed soldiers and ships to defend against Iran in the Middle East as a defensive move, not as a way to get the United States into another war, former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz told Newsmax TV.

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During an appearance on Monday’s “Newsmax Now,” Fleitz discussed the Iranian threat and the 2015 international agreement struck to limit Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities.

Trump withdrew the U.S. from the deal, saying it did not do enough to prevent Iran from continuing to pursue weapons of mass destruction.

“Let’s stipulate that this is a president who was elected to get the U.S. out of wars, not to start new wars,” said Fleitz, CEO of the Center for Security Policy. “And the fact that the president is responding to threats from Iran by moving military forces to the Persian Gulf, this is a defensive move. President Trump wants dialogue, he does not want to start more wars.”

Fleitz then argued Iran has violated the terms of the nuclear deal since it was signed.

“Iran has never been in compliance with this deal,” he said. “It’s never allowed inspections of military facilities, it has cheated on enrichment production since the deal began.

“The Europeans are desperately trying to hold onto this deal because it is a deal of globalists. It is a deal of the elite. It’s a bad deal that Barack Obama pushed, the European league held onto, and it’s collapsing fast.”

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