Fred Fleitz to Newsmax: Biden’s Ukraine Policy Lacks Strategy

Former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz, speaking to Newsmax on Friday, criticized the Biden administration’s response to the invasion of Ukraine and the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, calling it “sadly ironic.”

During an appearance on “Greg Kelly Reports,” Fleitz expressed frustration with what he described as a lack of strategy in the Biden administration’s approach to Ukraine. “We’ve seen a Ukraine policy of empty threats and lecturing and name-calling by Joe Biden, and we’ve seen no strategy,” he remarked.

Fleitz questioned the effectiveness of Biden sending more weapons to Ukraine, stating, “If Biden could show how the money we’re sending Ukraine in the weapons would help Ukraine win, I would be for it, but that’s not gonna happen.”

The analyst highlighted the administration’s reliance on sanctions instead of diplomacy, stating, “Do you remember that the administration threatened unprecedented sanctions just two years ago if [Russian President Vladimir] Putin invaded? Well, Putin ignored those sanctions.”

Regarding peace talks, Fleitz emphasized the need for diplomacy, stating, “It is immoral to keep throwing money and weapons at this country to destroy a generation of young men fighters.” He echoed former President Donald Trump’s call for negotiations, saying, “We have to get to the bargaining table.”

Fleitz criticized the Biden administration’s lack of communication with leaders of totalitarian regimes, citing the absence of dialogue with both China and Russia.

“Biden hasn’t talked to Putin since the war began,” Fleitz observed, expressing concern over the deterioration of diplomatic relationships resulting from lack of communication. “We don’t have to give Putin what he wanted, but this lack of discussion is a lack of diplomacy. It’s caused these relationships to deteriorate.”


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