Five Conservative Blogs Every Republican Should Follow

Five Conservative Blogs Every Republican Should Follow

If you are like me following conservative blogs is something you love to do.  However, much like anything else on the internet, you should do your research to see which ones appeal to your personality and your style.  To help in your search, I have listed the top five that I feel are the ones every republican should be following.

Some of those I mention may be very familiar, whereas others may not.  Either way, it is worth your time to check them out.  If you like reading blogs that present a republican point of view, you surely enjoy as least one of those listed below.

Drudge Report

If you are already reading blogs that present with a Republican point of view, then chances are you are familiar with the Drudge Report.  Known for its simple layout and leaning towards the conservative, the Drudge Report is a news aggregator site.  The owner, Matt Drudge, scans the internet for those stores and news reports he feels may be of interest to his readers, and he then organizes and links to them for your reading pleasure.  This site has a massive following, with 11 billion hits a year, and is an excellent source for your daily conservative news.

Red State

Founded in 2004, and headed up by Editor-In-Chief Erick Erickson, Red State is a must-read for any Republican’s blog list.  Unlike many of the other blogs presented on this list, anyone can participate in Red State.  By simply registering, you will be on your way to commenting and posting your own opinions and articles.  Red State, with its grassroots feel, has three goals: educate, motivate, and activate Republicans.

The Daily Paul

Having been founded in 2007, The Daily Paul was created to cover the 2008 presidential campaign of Ron Paul.  Now, I know what is going through your mind.  Now that Ron Paul is no longer in politics, just what type of blogs does The Daily Paul now offer?  They now generally cover mostly libertarian news stories—most anything from free-market talk to peace talks.  The Daily Paul includes those stories that the mainstream and nightly news choose not to cover.

The Official GOP Conference Blog

You might find this one surprising in that yes, there is an official GOP blog.  This blog is an excellent resource for two reasons.  The first being that the readers get to hear from those individuals that matter—that of the politicians.  With tv and radio news, we hear from pundits and their points of view more often than not.  Secondly, the GOP has its own ideas on policy and is not afraid to state them.  True, they are often bashed and ridiculed for those views, but on the official GOP blog, they are heard.

The Roaring Republican

This blog presents as an excellent resource hub for any and all things Republican.  Amongst its offerings are lists of the top Republican websites, the best conservative podcasts to listen to, and the best Republican books to read.  Their front page layout is very efficient and user friendly, allowing viewers to browse and read the day’s top stories rather quickly.  They cover many of the top news stories of the day and serve as a great daily resource.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out any of these conservative blogs, I highly suggest you do.  As conservatives, we have to be picky about where we get our news from, and these five sources are excellent and reliable choices.

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