Obama And Clinton Broke the Law Together

Obama And Clinton Broke the Law Together

Huma Abedin’s Emails and the Law

The existing commander-in-chief is wrapped up in the Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. President Obama was implicated in Hillary’s use of a private server by none other than Huma Abedin, one of Clinton’s top aides. And Abedin found out when she was being probed by the FBI.The FBI did not follow protocol and told Abedin who Clinton was communicating with. So Abedin used the emails as an insurance policy, knowing the emails between Obama and Clinton would be something of a get-out-of-jail free card (or so she hoped).

It’s actually not breaking news that Obama used the non-secure server to communicate with Clinton. Even in October of 2015, the NY Times was pointing this out.

The contents of the emails between Mrs. Clinton, who is running for president, and Mr. Obama have not been disclosed, but their presumed existence has not been a secret. The White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, acknowledged in March that the two “did have the occasion to email one another” when Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state.

Mr. Obama told CBS News in March that he learned about Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email server “the same time everybody else learned it — through news reports.” Mr. Earnest later clarified that the president was aware that she sometimes used a private email address but did not know the details about how the server was set up.

But the very idea of Clinton going to trial for her emailing with the President is put on its head because of the chain of command of the Department of Justice. Obama is Loretta Lynch’s boss and he knew he communicated with Hillary off of official servers. He would never tell Lynch to pursue it.

Many feel Abedin’s insurance policy lead to Clinton’s downfall.  Because Huma used her husband, Anthony Weiner’s non-government issued computer to keep the emails (and Weiner was being investigated separately by the FBI), the FBI had to subpoena it.  James Comey announced before Congress on October 28th that the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails was being reopened. Clinton’s campaign went into a tailspin shortly after, losing her lead in the mainstream polls.  She ended up losing the election to Donald Trump and people are questioning the political motivations of Comey’s subpoena.

Was the Subpoena Politically Motivated or Blind Justice?

One man went so far to sue the FBI to release the information of the search warrant. E. Randol Schoenberg declared it was politically motivated for FBI Director James Comey to reopen the case against Hillary, saying there was no probable cause. However, the FBI investigators would probably disagree. After the warrant was served and the computer searched, thousands of emails were discovered on the non-government issued PC of Weiner’s according to the NY Daily Times.

In it, an FBI investigator says in an affidavit that an earlier, concluded inquiry found 4,000 work-related emails between Abedin and Clinton between 2009 and 2013. Of those, 27 email chains contained classified information. Six of those chains contained information deemed secret at the time they were sent — a designation higher than classified.

With that much government property on the computer, there are scores of people who might be dragged into the light. At the core of it, the President of the Unites States communicated on an unsecured server with Clinton. Others in positions of less authority have been punished for the same thing. This is not a political witchhunt, so much a flagrant disregard for highly sensitive information. So the Clinton/Obama should be charged with gross negligence and imprisoned, or punished at the very least.

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