Donald Trump Jr. to Newsmax TV: Sorry Obama, ‘Abracadabra, We’re Winning’

Donald Trump Jr. to Newsmax TV: Sorry Obama, ‘Abracadabra, We’re Winning’


Donald Trump Jr. highlighted the strong economic gains the United States has experienced during the Trump administration and slammed the lack thereof under the Obama administration on Newsmax TV on Tuesday night.

Trump Jr. was on “The Wayne Allyn Root Show” and said it is impossible not to notice where the economy has gone since his father took office in early 2017.

“When you look at what’s going on, Wayne, unprecedented numbers,” Trump Jr. said. “There is not a single economic metric where we are not better off today than we were a few years ago under President [Barack] Obama.

“Now all of a sudden [Obama] is running around taking credit for it, but at the time, when my father said, ‘Hey, wait a minute, why can’t we have 3 percent GDP growth? Why can’t we have 4? Why can’t we do better than 4?’ Obama himself said, ‘There’s no magic wand for that.’ Well, abracadabra. He’s doing it. He’s doing it quarter after quarter. We’re winning.”

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Trump Jr. continued his argument by noting former President George W. Bush did not see an average of at least 2 percent GDP growth on his watch.

“After the mess that was Bush, you’d think he’d be able to do something coming out of those lows,” Trump Jr. said of Obama. “But, no. He didn’t, he couldn’t.”

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