DNC Vowing to Contact 50 Million Voters Before Midterm Elections

DNC Vowing to Contact 50 Million Voters Before Midterm Elections


The Democratic National Committee is planning to contact 50 million voters before the November midterm elections, NBC News is reporting.

The network news said the DNC will center its plans for the November elections around partnerships with a variety of groups in an effort to increase voter turnout among Democratic-leaning voters.

NBC News noted that in 2014 some 47 million fewer people voted in the midterms than in the 2012 general election with Barack Obama was re-elected.

The DNC is calling its ambitious plan, the “IWillVote” program.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez said it “translates activism and marches into committing to vote for Democrats up and down the ballot this November and is designed to reach voters and communities across the country with new innovative tools and technologies, key partnerships, and online and on-the-ground organizing strategies.”

Aside from working with state parties and Democratic mayors, the DNC is looking to partner with groups targeting key demographics like the Congressional Black Caucus’ PAC and Latino Victory fund, NBC News reported.

It is also planning to team up with “resistance” groups set up to oppose President Donald Trump.

The DNC, which has struggled financially, did not say how much it plans to spend on the program.

About $64.5 million was raised by the DNC in 2017, compared to the Republican National Committee which raised $123 million.

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