DeVos: Arming Teachers Should Be an Option for States, Communities to Consider

DeVos: Arming Teachers Should Be an Option for States, Communities to Consider

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told CBS she thinks arming teachers “should be an option for states and communities to consider,” following a mass shooting last month at a high school in Florida where a gunman killed 17 and injured at least 17.

“I hesitate to think of, like, my first-grade teacher, Mrs. Zorhoff, I couldn’t ever imagine her having a gun and being trained in that way,” DeVos told 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl in an interview that aired Sunday. “But for those who are – who are capable, this is one solution that can and should be considered. But no one size fits all. Every state and every community is going to address this issue in a different way.”

DeVos also said she’s been picked to lead a task force exploring steps to prevent violence at schools, and that there is an urgency to make changes. 

“See, there are a lot of states that are addressing these issues in very cohesive and coherent ways,” she said. 

During the interview with Stahl, DeVos also defended her school choice proposals and said parents need better options.

“What can be done … that is empowering parents to make the choices for their kids,” DeVos said when about ways to raise test results.

“Any family that has the economic means and the power to make choices is doing so for their children. Families that don’t have the power, that can’t decide: ‘I’m gonna move from this apartment in downtown whatever to the suburb where I think the school is gonna be better for my child’ if they don’t have that choice – and they are assigned to that school, they are stuck there. I am fighting for the parents who don’t have those choices. We need all parents to have those choices.”

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