Democrats renew push for gun control, assault weapons ban

Democrats renew push for gun control, assault weapons ban


Just hours after the killings by a lone gunman in a California bar, Democrats began lining up to demand more gun control, an issue that fell off the map during the midterm congressional elections despite the shootings in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

“We need to do something about this. And I’m glad that we have a Democratic majority in the House,” said Democratic Party Chairman Tom Perez.

“To my colleagues — you’re blind if you don’t see what’s going on,” tweeted Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy. “WE CAN STOP ALL THIS,” he added in all caps.

The issue evaporated during the final weeks of the election in all but very safe liberal districts.

But now that the Democrats have won the House, and in light of the California bar shooting that killed at least 12, party leaders feel emboldened to raise calls for expanded background checks and an assault weapon ban.

According to some reports, the shooter used a pistol with an extended magazine capable of holding several bullet cartridges. California has tried to ban extended mags, but the courts have overruled the state.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez
DNC Chairman Tom Perez speaks to reporters at a Christian Science Monitor media briefing Nov. 8, 2018.

(Michael Bonfigli/The Christian Science Monitor)

“I hope that there will be some common sense gun safety actions,” Perez said during a breakfast media roundtable sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

“I get so sick and tired when I hear people talk about how their thoughts and prayers are with folks. Thoughts and prayers are not enough,” he added.

Perez said that “I think the Second Amendment and common sense gun safety can co-exist.”

But there has been little appetite in Congress to pass any gun control legislation, even after recent shootings and impassioned pleas from victims.

“How many more incidents do we need to have before we do something? How many more preventable deaths need to occur?” he said.

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