Craig Huey to Newsmax TV: ‘Deep State at War With Liberty’

Craig Huey to Newsmax TV: ‘Deep State at War With Liberty’


The deep state is using massive amounts of money and power to impose its own agenda, waging “war with liberty,” according Craig Huey told Newsmax TV.

“[Americans] knew about the deep state, but they really didn’t know how pervasive it was,” Huey told “America Talks Live.” “We’re finding the deep state is at war with liberty. And it’s the bureaucratic administrative state that’s a threat to individual freedom.”

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Huey wrote in “The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know,” the deep state is “fooling many Americans into believing an ideology that pretends to be pro-freedom and pro-equality – in reality, deep state ideology is anti-liberty, anti-progress, anti-religious freedom, anti-American.”

Huey added to host John Cardillo the bureaucracy is resisting and obstructing change brought by the Trump administration – calling one-third of the EPA “an army of resistance against change” and adding deregulation “takes away their jobs, their influence, their power.” 

“They see downsizing of the government as the enemy,” Huey said. “They’ve gotta fight back.

“. . . They’re fighting an ideological war, along with the bureaucrats, who are fighting to protect themselves.”

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