Could Impeachment Trial Actually Start Next Week?

Could Impeachment Trial Actually Start Next Week?

Senate Republicans anticipate that Trump’s impeachment trial will begin sometime next week, after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she will send the two articles of impeachment “soon,” according to Sen. John Thune, the No. 2 GOP leader.

“My guess is it will be probably middle of next week and then we’ll be underway,” the South Dakota Republican said in an interview. Still, he said Republican leaders haven’t heard directly from Pelosi’s office about when she will take that step to let the trial begin.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told fellow GOP senators at lunch Thursday that there was some talk that Pelosi might send the articles in time for a trial to start Monday.

McConnell told senators they didn’t have to worry about their schedules this weekend, but that next weekend might be a different story, said Rubio. The Florida senator said he plans to be back in town by Monday at 1 p.m. in case the trial starts.

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