Cory Gardner: Need to See NKorea Living Up to Agreements

Cory Gardner: Need to See NKorea Living Up to Agreements

Agriculture exports will be on “the front lines” of any trade war triggered by new aluminum and steel tariffs imposed by President Donald Trump, Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., said Sunday.

In an interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” Gardner called for a look at how “narrowly tailored the tariffs can be, and go after the bad actors.”

“I am particularly concerned about the impact this could have on agriculture, because that is really going to be in the front lines of any kind of trade retaliation that we see,” he said.

Gardner noted in Colorado, “most of our top 10 ten exports are agriculture.”

“We have to get this right and narrowly tailor this to the bad actors,” he said. “I do believe that in general, tariffs are a tax on the American people and the people who are going to be harmed by this are the very people who are trying to help so much, the people who have struggled far too long for the past decades that haven’t seen a wage increase in years.”

Gardner also warned there have to be “real concrete steps” beyond a demand that nuclear testing stop before a summit between Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jung Un.

“I would like to see some concrete steps more than just a cessation of testing because you can still do computer modeling,” he said. “What we need to see is North Korea … actually start living up to some of the agreements” already made.

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