Congress Says UFO Claims ‘Have Merit’

Following a top secret meeting with the House Oversight committee and the U.S. Intelligence Community Inspector General Thomas Monheim, several members of Congress now say the claims from UFO whistleblower David Grusch “have merit,” the Daily Mail reports.

The meeting was a follow-up to Grusch’s claim last year of an illegal UFO crash retrieval program which included the retrieval of UFOs, alien beings and a retaliation campaign implemented to ensure the secrecy of the program.

Grusch, a 14-year Air Force Veteran, says he’s spoken to those who served in the program and have revealed outstanding claims of aliens killing humans.

“We’ve now made, I would say, progress on some of the claims Mr. Grusch has made in his complaint,” Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Fla., told reporters.

He continued, “This meeting, unlike the one we had previously when we did this briefly, this one actually moved the needle.”

Moskowitz’s Republican colleague from Tennessee, Tim Burchett, echoed the enthusiasm. “I think everybody there left thinking and knowing that Grusch is legit,” he added. 

Despite their enthusiasm, the congressmen inside the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), chose their words carefully in order not to tempt  speculation.  

“It’s not about little green men in flying saucers, the issue is tens of millions of dollars on an issue that we’ve been told does not exists since 1947.”

Burchett’s statement appears to counter the sentiment of the Pentagon’s outgoing UFO chief Sean Kirkpatrick last fall when he told Politico he hoped all the emerging UFO data was from aliens. “If we don’t prove it’s aliens, then what we’re finding is evidence of other people doing stuff in our backyard, and that’s not good.”

While evidence the public is searching for remains elusive, Moskowitz said, “If someone makes ten claims, and then someone says, ‘Well, we didn’t look into all ten, because they weren’t all in the report. But, hey, we found these six very credible, well, then you’d wanna go attack those six.'”

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