Condoleezza Rice to Schiff: ‘Wrap It Up’ on Russia Probe

Condoleezza Rice to Schiff: ‘Wrap It Up’ on Russia Probe

Former Bush administration secretary of state Condoleezza Rice on Thursday urged House Intelligence Committee member and ranking Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff to “wrap it up” on the panel’s probe of Russian meddling because “the country needs to get back to business.”

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In remarks on ABC’s “The View” — on which the California lawmaker was a guest as well — Rice, who also served as a national security adviser to former President George W. Bush, was sympathetic to the job the intel panel was doing.

“I spent a lot of time in Washington and I know you got a really hard job and I appreciate what you’re doing for the country,” she said. “But I really hope you can wrap it up. The country needs to get back to business. So that’s my greatest hope. This gets done.”

“I just want to say on Robert Mueller this is somebody I know, I worked with him. He was FBI director when I was national security adviser. I have enormous respect for him and he is going to do this in a very fair way and so I just hope we can get it done,” she added.

Beforehand, Schiff had told Rice and “The View” co-hosts that the country needs “a whole government response” to Russia’s interference.

“There are still bipartisan sanctions sitting on the president’s desk that he refuses to implement,” Schiff said. “We need to send a clear message to Russia that any further meddling won’t be tolerated.”

“The price they care most is a price to their economy,” he added.

Video of the remarks was posted on Mediaite.

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