Chad Wolf to Newsmax: Sanctuary Cities Getting ‘Buyers’ Remorse’

The nation’s sanctuary cities are experiencing “buyers’ remorse” after getting more migrants than they expected because of the Biden administration’s policies, Chad Wolf, a former acting Department of Homeland Security secretary, said on Newsmax Sunday. 

“They’ve welcomed migrants, but when they start getting them in numbers because of the policies of this administration, they’re saying ‘No more,” Wolf told Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “We’ve got to change course.”

Border security, he added, is a “federal responsibility,” and it’s “clear that Republicans and Democrats alike believe that this is a failed border strategy, and they want the Biden administration to do something differently.”

Meanwhile, reports last week said 160 people who are on the nation’s terror list were captured trying to enter the United States, and that is a particular concern, considering the number of “gotaways” that disappear into the country, Chris Clem, a retired chief Border Patrol Agent from the Yuma and Tuscon sectors in Arizona, who was also on the program, commented. 

“Our agents do a great job with what they’re handed by this administration,” said Clem, but when the policies fail, that’s when the number of people goes up. 

“Thank goodness we have agents out there doing the job but [migrants] are coming from all over the world,” Clem said. “We know that there are countries that have people that are just not friends of the United States and so when they’re coming in and we can’t get to them, we can’t detect them.”

This means that “every city is a border city and every state is a border state,” said Clem. “There are over a half million or more known gotaways and we have no idea who they are. You can only imagine what that could lead to down the road.”

Meanwhile, the federal government does not have the resources to keep track of people once they are released, said Wolf. 


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Sandy Fitzgerald

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