ILA | It’s Never Enough: Gun Control Advocates Won’t Ever Be Satisfied With Marginal Changes to Our Gun Laws

Dec 4, 2019
When seeking to pass whatever the anti-gun flavor of the month is when it comes to gun legislation, anti-gun advocates often claim to be seek

ILA | NRA Victory: PA Welcomes Sunday Hunting

Nov 28, 2019
Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) applauds Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf for sign

ILA | California: City of Carson Pushing Another Unconstitutional Resolution Targeting Lawful Gun Owners

Nov 19, 2019
Tomorrow, November 19 at 5pm PST, the Carson City Council will be considering Resolution 19-186, which mirrors the failed attempt from Septem

ILA | Kentucky: Committee to Consider Firearm Seizures Without Due Process

Nov 16, 2019
On Friday, November 22nd, the Kentucky state Interim Joint Committee on Judiciary will consider so called “red-flag laws.” Though no legislat

ILA | NRA Statement on 2019 Election Results

Nov 7, 2019
FAIRFAX, Va.– The National Rifle Association released the following statement on the 2019 election results: “As if Gov. Northam’s legac

ILA | Constitutional Carry OK in Oklahoma

Nov 1, 2019
FAIRFAX, Va.– The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) welcomes Oklahoma as the newest constitutiona

ILA | NRA Member spotlight: Meet the Man Who Helped Turn an Anti-Gun Townhall into a Pro-gun Rally

Oct 29, 2019
At a townhall meeting in Michigan this month, Congresswoman Haley Stevens appeared to lose control when the NRA came up and began emotionally

ILA | Illinois: Gun Control Bill May Move Soon

Oct 26, 2019
The Illinois General Assembly will reconvene for a Veto Session on October 28th and gun control legislation may move quickly. Anti-gun legisl

Have we become too paranoid about mass shootings?

Oct 23, 2019
Many Americans worry about when – not if – another mass shooting will occur, and a Gallup poll from September found that nearly half of Ameri

ILA | Grassroots Spotlight: NRA-ILA Fighting the Bloomberg Money In Virginia 2019 Elections

Oct 14, 2019
The Nov. 5th election may be the most consequential ever for our Second Amendment rights in the Commonwealth. That’s because every seat in th