ILA | California: Gun Show Ban Legislation Eligible for a Vote in the Senate

Jan 27, 2020
Your state Senator must hear your OPPOSITION to SB 281  Senate Bill 281 is eligible for third reading and a floor vote in the Senate.  Contac

ILA | Washington: Mag Ban & Other Bills Heading to Senate Floor

Jan 24, 2020
On January 23rd, the Washington Senate Law & Justice Committee approved three anti-gun bills, among them Senate Bill 6077 to ban most sta

ILA | North Carolina: Your Input Needed On Sunday Hunting

Jan 18, 2020
The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC) has announced a survey to gather information from the public relating to Sunday huntin

ILA | Maryland: Gun Control Bills Scheduled for Committee Hearings in Both Chambers

Jan 15, 2020
Multiple General Assembly committees are scheduled to consider anti-gun bills tomorrow, January 15.  Each of these bills are unnecessary back

ILA | Florida Alert! You Are Paying for Nikki Fried’s Inappropriate Actions

Dec 31, 2019
  DATE:    December 30, 2019 TO:         USF & NRA Members and Friends FROM:    Marion P. Hammer   USF Executive Director   NRA Past Pres

NRA-ILA | Florida Alert! The Most Anti-Gun Agriculture Commissioner in over 40 years –

Dec 28, 2019
  DATE:    December 27, 2019 TO:        USF & NRA Members and Friends FROM:   Marion P. Hammer   USF Executive Director   NRA Past Presid

ILA | Florida Alert! Ballot Petition Fraudulent Activities Being Investigated

Dec 22, 2019
      FROM:   December 21, 2019 TO:     USF & NRA Members and Friends FROM:   Marion P. Hammer   USF Executive Director   NRA Past Presid

ILA | Senate Confirms Hunter-Friendly Candidate to Oversee Wildlife Management

Dec 13, 2019
Fairfax, VA– The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) applauds the U. S. Senate for confirming Aurel

ILA | Member Spotlight: Meet the hunter who stands up to those who call her a ‘murderer’

Dec 10, 2019
America’s hunters are increasingly under fire by political extremists. Hunter and philanthropic consultant Britt Longoria has been at the cen

ILA | Massachusetts: Hearing on Bill to Mandate Doctors Push State’s Anti-Gun Agenda

Dec 7, 2019
On December 10th, the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Public Health will hear House Bill 2005 to impose a mandatory requirement for doctors