China Reports 105 New Coronavirus Deaths on Mainland

Feb 17, 2020
[ad_1] The death toll from a coronavirus outbreak in mainland China reached 1,770 as of the end of Sunday, up by 105 from the previous day, t

CDC Says Coronavirus Test Kits Flawed

Feb 14, 2020
[ad_1] Some coronavirus test kits distributed by the Centers for Disease Controls are flawed, and have resulted in “inconclusive”

Study: Social Media, Smartphone Use Affect Mental Health of Teens

Feb 11, 2020
[ad_1] Social media and smartphone use significantly affect the mental health of teenagers, according to a study published Monday in the Cana

Dr. Oz: Too Many Pelvic Exams for Young Women

Feb 8, 2020
[ad_1] Pelvic exams to check a woman’s vagina and uterus for medical problems have been performed for millennia. There are versions of

Trump Lifts Cancer-Stricken Limbaugh’s Spirits With US Medal of Freedom

Feb 5, 2020
[ad_1] A surprised Rush Limbaugh received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from first lady Melania Trump during President Donald Trump’

US Dubs Virus Health Emergency, Barring Foreign Nationals Who Pose Risk

Feb 2, 2020
[ad_1] The United States on Friday declared a public health emergency because of a new virus that hit China and has spread to other nations.

Blood Pressure Dips Upon Standing Might Not Be as Dangerous as Thought

Jan 30, 2020
[ad_1] A common condition called “orthostatic hypotension” — a sudden drop in blood pressure when standing up — has long been tie

British Scientists Discover Cancer-Killing Immune Cell by Accident

Jan 27, 2020
[ad_1] British scientists have discovered, by accident, a new type of immune cell that kills most cancers.  While analyzing blood from a Wale

Does Texas Student Who Visited China Have Wuhan Virus?

Jan 24, 2020
[ad_1] A university student being treated for a respiratory illness in Texas after traveling to Wuhan, China, is being tested for the newly d

UPDATE 4-China Says 17 New Cases in Virus Outbreak, Wuhan to Restrict Large Gatherings

Jan 21, 2020
[ad_1] China said on Sunday that 17 more people had become infected with a new coronavirus strain, fanning fears it will spread further as hu