Bernie Kerik to Newsmax: Bragg Should’ve Been Removed Long Ago

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg should have been removed from his position more than a year ago when it became clear that he was emboldening criminals by refusing to enforce the law against them, former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik told Newsmax on Sunday.

Kerik made the comments as Bragg has been harshly criticized for allowing a group of migrants to be released without bail after they were arrested for brutally attacking New York City police officers in Times Square, an assault that was caught on video.

Bragg has been attempting to save face by making public appearances to publicize efforts to recapture the suspects.

Kerik said that Bragg “should have been removed a year, year and a half ago when the governor and the city of New York realized that he was emboldening the thugs. He wasn’t charging, he wasn’t holding, he wasn’t arresting.”

Kerik said that “it’s nice to see him up there at the press conference now, but he initially said after seeing the video that he did not see the evidence for holding” the suspects.

The former NYPD Commissioner emphasized that Bragg “sounded like a moron” for saying this, because “the evidence was overwhelming based on the video itself, and there was also the statement of the cops [and] the statements of the eyewitnesses.”

Kerik stressed that the worst part of the entire ordeal is that criminals know that they can get away with attacking New York City police officers and that “when they know this, they are going to go out and do what they want to do and feel that there is no accountability.”


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