Bannon to France’s Far Right National Party: ‘History Is on Our Side’

Bannon to France’s Far Right National Party: ‘History Is on Our Side’

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon on Saturday told supporters of France’s far-right Front National party to not be embarrassed by their history, as it is “on our side and will bring us victory,” the Guardian reports.

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Bannon, a surprise speaker at the event, has been touring European cities to meet with right-wing party members. His appearance Saturday comes as Marine Le Pen aims to revive the National Front nine months after she was defeated by Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election. He praised Le Pen’s vision of a political spectrum that is no longer left- right but nationalists versus globalists.

“You recall the evening of the American election, the traditional medias were shocked. They could never have believed that the Americans had finally voted in their own interests,” Bannon told the crowd in Lille, referring to Donald Trump’s shock victory on Election Day.

“You fight for your country and they call you racist. But the days when those kind of insults work is over. The establishment media are the dogs of the system. Every day, we become stronger and they become weaker. Let them call you racists, xenophobes or whatever else, wear these like a medal.”

Bannon was among Trump’s closest aides during the 2016 election campaign, the presidential transition and his first months in office. But the two had a bitter falling out and Bannon was fired last August, though he continued to speak with the president and tried to promote his “America First” agenda.

He praised Trump in his speech.

“Our dear President Trump said: ‘We’ve had enough of globalists,’” he said.

“Today’s politics cannot be summed up by the left-right divide. During the 2008 financial crisis, the governments and banks looked after themselves above all, they saved themselves and not the people.”

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