Baer: Not Sure What Side Trump Is On With Him Siding With NK, Russia

Baer: Not Sure What Side Trump Is On With Him Siding With NK, Russia


Celebrated CIA agent Robert Baer said President Donald Trump’s “siding” with North Korea and Russia is “bordering on treason” — and called for his impeachment.

In remarks on CNN’s “OutFront,” the former agent, who won the Career Intelligence Medal for his work with the CIA, and whose 2003 book “See No Evil,” which recounts his years as a top CIA operative, was the basis for the film “Syriana,” said Trump is “so volatile” that “it’s unclear whose side he is on.”

“It’s like, ‘don’t spy on North Korea.’ It’s sort of like [President Franklin D.] Roosevelt handing an order down ‘don’t spy on Japan before Pearl Harbor,” he said, referring to Trump’s public stance against the use of CIA informants to spy on North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

“He is siding with the adversary and that’s a message that’s going down the [CIA] ranks just as it’s gone down the ranks of the FBI: ‘Don’t spy on the Russians or you’ll end up losing your job and your pension.’”

When asked about a new letter from Kim to Trump, Baer said it reminded him of another letter fraught with danger.

“It reminds me of [British Prime Minister Neville] Chamberlin at Munich [in 1938] when he made an agreement with Adolph Hitler,” Baer said.

At that meeting, Chamberlain negotiated what he famously called “peace for our time,” allowing Hitler to dismember Czechoslovakia. Hitler, however, kept seizing territory.

“This is incredible,” Baer said. “I’ve got to say we are bordering on treason with Russia and North Korea. And you know, this guy really has got to be impeached and out of office now. Because I’m not sure whose side he is on. “

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