Axios: Trump Told Netanyahu Iran Nuke Deal Must Include Changes

Axios: Trump Told Netanyahu Iran Nuke Deal Must Include Changes

President Donald Trump told Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that he will withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal if the president’s demands for significant changes in the accord are not met, according to two senior Israeli officials, Axios reported Sunday.

Trump reportedly made the comments to Netanyahu when the Israel prime minster visited the White House last week.

The U.S. administration has been in negotiations with France, Germany and Great Britain on amending the Iran nuclear deal, but so far the Europeans have only proposed cosmetic changes to the accord, which would be part of a supplemental understanding between the U.S. and its allies.

But, according to Axios, Trump said such an arrangement would be unsatisfactory, because it would not substantially change the nuclear deal.

Trump has said that the U.S. will leave the Iranian deal if an agreement to substantially improve it is not reached by May 12. Another round of discussions with the European countries on the issue is expected later this week.

Vice President Mike Pence emphasized this point at his speech to AIPAC last week, according to The Times of Israel.

After explaining that Trump had waived sanctions on Iran to give Congress and American allies an opportunity to enact tougher terms on Tehran, Pence said, “Make no mistake about it, this is their last chance. Unless the Iran nuclear deal is fixed in the coming months, the United States of America will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal immediately.”

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