Axios: DNC Has Trove of Opposition Research on Trump

Axios: DNC Has Trove of Opposition Research on Trump

The Democratic National Committee has collected a massive amount of opposition research on President Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 presidential election and plans to focus on Trump’s broken promises and failed policy actions as president to define him in an attempt to convince voters he’s not a solid choice for re-election, reports Axios.

The DNC’s research team has tracked down nearly 7,000 lawsuits from all 50 states and has compiled a document of every time Trump told supporters that Mexico would pay for the border wall to be built along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The committee also has examples of how American truckers and farmers feel about the trade war with China, the Trump administration tariff’s on Mexico and China and the way he has “trashed American wheat.”

“Let’s say [Trump] goes to Youngstown, Ohio. We have everything he said, what he promised in 2016 to that community — maybe it’s ‘that bridge will be fixed’ — then we’ll show what’s actually happened since,” a source told the news outlet.

DNC chairman Tom Perez last week told about 20 Democratic operatives and strategists the plan is to “make it about [Trump’s] performance as president, not his bigotry or awfulness.”

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