Facebook Says It Will Now Censor THIS

Facebook Says It Will Now Censor THIS

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Facebook CEO: News Sites Will Be Censored

When Donald Trump won the election, Democrats howled in complaint. So far they’ve tried everything in the book to try and call the election into question. First, there were the recounts Jill Stein pushed for and Hillary Clinton supported. Then there are presently efforts to influence Electors to vote against Trump. Combine that with stories about Russian hacks and stories of fake news sites, one might think Donald Trump will never get to be President.

People are decrying fake news sites, saying the misinformation helped Trump get elected.   Facebook, which has a user population of 1.7 billion users, made an announcement about fact checking “fake news”. It should send danger signals to anyone paying attention.

On Thursday, Dec. 15th, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said this:

Today we’re making it easier to report hoaxes, and if many people report a story, then we’ll send it to third-party fact checking organizations. If the fact checkers agree a story is a hoax, you’ll see a flag on the story saying it has been disputed, and that story may be less likely to show up in News Feed. You’ll still be able to read and share the story, but you’ll now have more information about whether fact checkers believe it’s accurate. No one will be able to make a disputed story into an ad or promote it on our platform.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook holds sway in a large part of the world due to its reach. But if the social media company is designating fake news sites on its own or users are reporting information they disagree with so Facebook must send it to a fact checker, then articles which might be true, but inflammatory, can be censored and even eliminated.

Facebook’s 3rd Party Fact-Checker Leans Left

Another thing to note is the fact-checkers themselves. Facebook intends to use 3rd-parties such as Washington Post, ABC News, and Snopes to check facts.The great irony in using a fact checker like Snopes is the main fact-checker herself. According to the Daily Caller, Kim Lacapria is a left-wing crony:

Recently, however, the site has tried to pose as a political fact-checker. But Snopes’ “fact-checking” looks more like playing defense for prominent Democrats like Hillary Clinton and it’s political “fact-checker” describes herself as a liberal and has called Republicans “regressive” and afraid of “female agency.”

Snopes’ main political fact-checker is a writer named Kim Lacapria. Before writing for Snopes, Lacapria wrote for Inquisitr, a blog that — oddly enough — is known for publishing fake quotes and even downright hoaxes as much as anything else.

Fake news sites do exist, but when Facebook steps in and says they are going to start monitoring, flagging, and deleting information,  they have crossed the line for a free flow of information.  In essence, the company is saying to its users “We know what’s best for you because you are too stupid to figure out what is fake and what is real so we’ll just tell you.”The government is already doing that with pointless laws that limit our free speech. People don’t need another big brother to assist with that.

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