Hillary: Trump Too ‘Shocked’ to Accept Offer to Help Him

Dec 5, 2019 by admin
Hillary Clinton says she offered to help President Donald Trump’s presidency after her 2016 election loss, but her opponent was so R

ILA | It’s Never Enough: Gun Control Advocates Won’t Ever Be Satisfied With Marginal Changes to Our Gun Laws

Dec 4, 2019 by admin
When seeking to pass whatever the anti-gun flavor of the month is when it comes to gun legislation, anti-gun advocates often claim to be seek

Gemini Hires Former Starling Bank Founder as Managing Director of Europe

Dec 4, 2019 by admin
In the past 18 months, Gemini has added several senior leaders to its ranks. The former global head of financial crimes at Morgan Stanley, No

Trump Administration Moves to End Food Stamps for 750,000

Dec 4, 2019 by admin
The Trump administration will announce a plan Wednesday to end food stamps benefits for about 750,000 Americans, issuing a new regulation tha

7 Flu ‘Myths’ You Shouldn’t Ignore

Dec 4, 2019 by admin
Flu season is here, which means all those old wives’ tales we have long since forgotten will probably resurface at some point. But is t

Report: US-China Trade Deal 'Stalled Because of Hong Kong Legislation'

Dec 2, 2019 by admin
Report: US-China Trade Deal 'Stalled Because of Hong Kong Legislation' Source link

The Mechanics of Market Manipulation

Dec 1, 2019 by admin
The action began at 3am UTC, with a sell order roughly 6 percent below the market price and hundreds of times larger than the norm on the exc

‘No, Not That Guy’: Booker Super Pac Ad Pokes Buttigieg, Praises Booker’s Creds

Dec 1, 2019 by admin
A super PAC supporting Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., in his White House bid will air an ad Tuesday in Iowa that compares him with South Bend, Ind

Flu Season Takes Off Quickly in Deep South States

Dec 1, 2019 by admin
The flu season is off and running in the Deep South. The most recent weekly flu report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fi

Wash Post: Amb. Sondland Testimony Murky Over Phone Call With Trump

Nov 29, 2019 by admin
President Donald Trump’s alleged declaration to Amb. Gordon Sondland in a Sept. 9 phone call that Trump wanted no quid pro quo with Ukr