7 Trends That are Not as Healthy as You Thought

7 Trends That are Not as Healthy as You Thought


Your “healthy” habits may actually be doing more harm than good. There are dozens of health trends that are riskier than you probably know, like following a high-protein diet, which has been linked to certain cancers.

It’s easy to get swept up in the hype of trends so how can you tell what is legitimate and what is just another fad? It pays to do a bit of research. To help you along, we dug up some health trends that are riskier than you may think.

1. Switching to coconut oil. In recent years, more and more people have swapped out regular fats and oils in favor of coconut oil, which is said to be a much healthier alternative. However, the American Heart Association has since dismissed this health trend and instead highlighted the potential risks related to consuming large amounts of coconut oil, which includes high cholesterol and heart disease, according to Mashed.

2. Going crazy with the cinnamon. Chances are you have heard about the numerous benefits that come from adding more cinnamon to your diet. These reports are not unfounded. It just depends on how much cinnamon you are actually using. Research has linked high doses of cinnamon to liver damage, Mashed noted.

3. Vaping. Smokers hoping to kick the habit are turning to vaping, which has been marketed as a healthier alternative but these e-cigarettes are not as benign as you may think. For starters, the high levels of nicotine can increase the risk of lung disease and cancers, USA Today reported. Furthermore, vaping flavors could increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

4. Activated charcoal. Many have claimed that charcoal can detox the body by capturing and removing chemicals and impurities but what really happens is that the charcoal absorbs what’s in your digestive system, including essential vitamins and nutrients. It could even weaken the effects of prescription medications, according to Mashed.

5. Loading up on protein. Advocates of a high-protein diet claim that it can aid in weight loss while helping the body burn fat. There are conflicting reports on this however, research has linked high protein consumption with kidney disease, kidney stones, osteoporosis and forms of cancer, LiveStrong.com noted.

6. Spiked water. Spiked seltzer has risen dramatically in popularity and this is largely due to clever marketing campaigns that swear the products are healthier than regular alcoholic drinks, but this is not necessarily true, USA Today reported. While the drink is lower in calories, the mixers can actually get people drunk quicker and alcohol in excess is dangerous for your health. It is more important to track the amount of alcohol rather than the calories in your drink.

7. Fitness trackers. While more exercise can be extremely beneficial for your mind and body, becoming obsessed with monitoring your fitness activity with wearable devices that can count your steps, monitor your heart rate and estimate calories burnt can have a negative impact on your mental health, USA Today said.

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